Farmhouse Modern Bench

Selected Total: $900
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Melding the modern with the traditional, the farmhouse modern series is defined by clean lines and constructed from durable materials. The farmhouse modern bench is no exception - constructed from solid wood and steel, this piece takes inspiration from the economy and simplicity of life and furniture in a farm setting. The bench works well with other pieces from the farmhouse line, or on its own. Hand-built using traditional and modern techniques in Seattle, USA with love. 

Pictured in solid Pacific Northwest sycamore planks (available via special order only) and recycled steel (natural finish). If you like sycamore, we suggest our Big Leaf Maple, which is in the same family and shares many of the same characteristics. Because we hand-build all of our furniture, each piece has the mark of a hand-made object, and unique characteristics inherent to the natural beauty and variation of real, solid wood and steel. 


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